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A Short and Sweet Week

August 26th, 2016 No comments

Dear Cell Scientists,

This week is a short week because of the Monday holiday. It is also Wellness week in Science.

1. You will finish the Information Gap, answer the reflection questions and then check them against the answer key and make corrections.

2. Then you will do a Socrative Quiz on the Information Gap, after which

3. You will start working on your Cell Analogy Infographic. This has to be thought out really well because it shows me how well you know the parts of the cell.

Then, it’s the weekend again!

Happy days!

Mrs. Vergel

Short Week after CWW 21 to 24 February 2016

February 21st, 2016 No comments

Dear Discoverers,

A couple of weeks back, you worked on the Magnetic Discovery Performance Task and some of you started writing in your Google Document. This is Wellness week in Science.

This week, you will finish with the Magnetic Discovery Performance Task and complete your Google Document. So this week, you will:

1. Finish your experiments and complete the Google Document.

2. When your results have been approved, you may start with your Google Document. Please make sure you use appropriate scientific language when writing. The document should read like an essay.

3. Make sure you have completed the following in your “Magnetic Discovery” paper.
     a. Aim and Hypothesis,
     b. Independent Variable,
     c. Dependent Variable,
     d. Controlled Variables,
     e. Data Table(s) complete with title, units, labels and data.

4. You will be given time in class to work, but give yourself homework, too. Use the time wisely, because we only have 2 lessons because we have a holiday on Thursday and Friday this week. 🙂

Happy writing!


Mrs. Vergel

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