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Planting Time!

September 25th, 2016 No comments

Hey Mung Bean Farmers!

Last week, all Cells packets should have been submitted. Students took the Cells quiz after extensive reviewing, and the Mung Bean Performance Task was introduced. Students should have written their chosen Independent and Dependent variables, and their individual Aim and Hypothesis.

1. This week, we will distribute materials for your performance task for you to take home. Make sure you label each cup as discussed in class, water and measure as you described, and take photos of each day’s observations (email these photos to yourself).
2. You will also write what you Learned about Structures and Cells in your Digital Learning Journal, and then do more reflection about the lessons and your learning.
3. Finally, you will start writing up your lab report in a digital format.
4. Since it is Wellness week, we only meet up 3 times this week.

Happy planting!

Mrs. Vergel


An Interesting Activity

September 27th, 2015 No comments

28 September 2015

Hello Student Scientists!

This is another short week for most of you!  If you volunteered for Learning 2.0, congratulations and I will see you  there!

We just finished taking our Cells quiz, and you should have started updating your blog posts with the L section of the KL Structures and Living Things document. ¬†Coming up is… something that you have to do at home. You will need a device¬†to photograph the progress of your investigation. ¬†You should also be able to upload the photographs into a sub-folder in your Science Google Folder. ¬†Instructions will follow in class.

Please also remember to check your Google Calendar for weekly activities and homework.

Meanwhile, Parent-Teacher conferences are coming up.  They are scheduled for Oct, 14, 19 and 20. Stay tuned.

The long-awaited .pdf copy of my Open House Presentation is below.  It has references to our Themes, Essential Questions and the Assessment Plan.

Science openhouse_vv

Have a great short week!


Mrs. Vergel

Mung Bean Performance Task

October 12th, 2014 No comments

13 October 2014

Hello Symposium Presenters,

Last week, you were working on your Google Doc Lab Reports in preparation for your presentation.  Some of you have already started with Google Presentation even before the template was shared with you.  Well done!

This week, the Mung Bean Symposium begins third lesson. ¬†For Vergel and Hamaguchi Advisory Partners, that is Wednesday. ¬†For O’Regan and Benford Advisory Partners, it would be Thursday.

To prepare for your presentation, here are some tips:

1.  Know your sequence.  Check your rubric to make sure you have everything in your presentation.  Know what to do.

2.  Note cards are optional.  Reading your presentation will be boring.  Speak loud and maintain eye contact.

3.  Practice, practice, practice!  With your parents, with your siblings, with your pets, in front of the mirror, just practice until you are sure that you can present like a pro!

4.  Eat a good breakfast.  Or lunch.  Your brain needs protein to function well.  Hydrate.

5. ¬†Enjoy your presentation. ¬†Brag about what you did. ¬†It’s your time to shine!

This week is also the week for the Cell quiz make up.  You must have completed all requirements for the quiz make up before you take it.  See Mrs. Vergel or the previous blog post if you have forgotten.


Mrs. Vergel

Mung Bean Performance Task

September 30th, 2014 No comments

30 September 2014

Hi Everyone,

What a fun CWW week we had last week!  I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and made new friends.

This week, we are back in the swing of things, and we started with a take-home Performance Task! ¬†Students were given the sheet, Inquiring Into Mung Bean Plant Structure Growth 2014 Student paper copy, and have started their task. ¬†Students, you are to do all the measuring, watering, experimenting, and writing your Variables, Materials and Methods, at home for a whole week. ¬†When you get back next week, be ready with all the data you have gathered. ¬†Bring in your paper! ¬†You will need it for your Google Doc. ¬†Keep the plants at home. ¬†You might want to make a little mung bean garden and harvest some mung beans for your household’s use. ¬†ūüôā

So here are some reminders.  Everyday, you should:

1.  Measure your plants and record the measurements in your data tables.

2.  Water your plants.  Make sure you are precise with your liquids.

3.  Take photos of your plants.  Make sure you label the day, the kind of plants (your independent variable) and the height.

4.  Save the photos of your plants as .jpegs on your device.  Please make sure you can retrieve your photos from anywhere at anytime.

5.  Protect your plants from your pets and from the rains outside.

Already, some people have forgotten either their paper or their cups.  If you have forgotten where you put them, please see me.

I have also given the review packets to those students who are required to do the re-take. ¬†Please come by and see me to get your packet if you have not yet done so. If you don’t think you did well on the quiz and want to do a re-take, come by and get your packet from me. ¬†You only have this week and next to review!!! ¬†Come soon!

Enjoy your experiment and have a great long weekend!


Mrs. Vergel

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