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Matter Matters

November 20th, 2016 No comments

Hello there, Science Peeps!

Last week, we continued the Cause and Effect Unit by doing investigations on the properties of solids, liquids and gases. We looked at the differences between salt and sugar. We discovered how solids, liquids and gases act when they are subjected to heat and cold. Please make sure you wear close toed shoes and bring extra hair ties if you have hair that can cover your face.

So far, we have almost completed seven pages of our packet. By the end of this week, we will have completed nine pages. This week, we will summarize what we have learned about how particles in solids, liquids and gases react, and what happens when particles are mixed. Then we will do more investigations about mass and discover ways to measure mass of tiny particles. Since we are learning so much in class by doing all these investigations, please remember to keep up with our learning by making sure that the questions for each activity or experiment or investigation are answered thoughtfully, using academic language. All Mung Bean Lab Reports that had to be re-done were submitted. Thank you for adhering to the deadline.

Enjoy another full week of Science!


Mrs. Vergel

Of Labs and Shortened Days

October 10th, 2011 1 comment

11 Oct 2011

Last week, we started our labs on Heating and Cooling Solids, Liquids and Gases.  We continue with the Labs on Particles this week and we will tie all of the ideas together mid-week with videos, role plays and discussions.   The last lesson involves another set of labs involving Mixtures and separating them.

Next week, we will continue with the Mixtures lab and end with a Performance Task where students have to separate a Mega Mixture!!!  This means we need to use the properties of the substances in the Mega Mixture to help us separate them into the individual components of the Mixture… Not hard at all if we make connections with what we’ve been learning so far.

Here are the Essential Questions for this Unit, in case you have already forgotten them:

  • What is a structure?
  • Why do structures take different forms?
  • Why do structures exist within structures?
  • How can understanding structures on a small scale help us understand structures on a large scale (and vice versa)?

Oh yes, and if you have nothing to do and want to watch an interesting video,  try this link:

That’s all for now.



Exciting Week

September 25th, 2011 7 comments

26 September 2011

Everyone is excited about this week.  I am, too.  Classroom Without Walls is a fun and way to learn about others and ourselves.  When we go, we have free dress day!

But before we think of all the fun towards the end of the week, we must remember we have other things to do in the lab.  So please be in proper attire (close toed shoes, hair tied back and proper uniform).

Last week, we started learning about Properties of Matter.  Not the properties that we have to our name like houses and bank accounts and such.  Matter has many properties.  Matter is another word for “stuff” or “thing”.  In order for us and for scientists to understand each other, the word “matter” came about.  So when we say “matter” it means anything that has weight or mass and takes up space.  Which means heat and light are not “matter”.  They are something else.  We will get there sometime this year.

This week, we will be learning more about properties of matter by watching a video, taking notes and doing some more investigations… then we go to CWW!

My Home base, if you have not yet told me if you are allowed to swim or not, please tell me as soon as possible.  I know some or you have told me or your parents have emailed me.  I will do a last email and telephone tree check by Monday afternoon.  I hope to get all your answers by the end of Monday.

There’s more but I will leave it for you to be excited about.  Let’s hope for good weather!


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Labs and More

September 15th, 2011 12 comments

16 September 2011

The week ended with keeping all the Cells handouts and signed quiz in the clear files.  Quiz marks will be posted soon.  We also started a new unit by checking what we know about Matter and Solids, Liquids and Gases using a Knowledge Rating Chart.  It’s amazing how much some people know already!  I’m excited to add to this knowledge bank as part of our Structures Unit.  We just finished learning about the structure of living things and now we are starting to learn about the structure of material things.

We also did a learning styles quiz.  If you were not able to send it to me, please go to the link again (  Do the learning style quiz (you don’t have to sign up) and send the url of your results to my email  Hamaguchi’s HB will do this in class on Monday.

Next week, we will be in the lab again, so please make sure you are in the proper lab attire all week.  There will also be a materials/supply check first lesson, so please be ready.  Oh yes, and we have Wellness for the last class in Science this coming week.   Other than that,  enjoy your 3 day weekend!


Wellness Week in Science

September 26th, 2010 No comments

27 September 2010
Wellness week again in Science!
This week, we are peer editing and submitting our Ice, Water and Steam Lab Reports first lesson. We will have a little time to work on our Knowledge Rating Chart for the Matter Unit. For the next lesson, we will build up on our note taking skills by picking important information from some readings and organizing them. In the process, we are learning about Particles and the States of Matter. For the third lesson, we will be back in the lab doing stations and learning about these particles and the 3 major states of matter.
The last lesson for the week is a Wellness lesson.
Have another great week in Paradise!

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