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Planting Time!

September 25th, 2016 No comments

Hey Mung Bean Farmers!

Last week, all Cells packets should have been submitted. Students took the Cells quiz after extensive reviewing, and the Mung Bean Performance Task was introduced. Students should have written their chosen Independent and Dependent variables, and their individual Aim and Hypothesis.

1. This week, we will distribute materials for your performance task for you to take home. Make sure you label each cup as discussed in class, water and measure as you described, and take photos of each day’s observations (email these photos to yourself).
2. You will also write what you Learned about Structures and Cells in your Digital Learning Journal, and then do more reflection about the lessons and your learning.
3. Finally, you will start writing up your lab report in a digital format.
4. Since it is Wellness week, we only meet up 3 times this week.

Happy planting!

Mrs. Vergel


Quiz Week

September 18th, 2016 No comments

Dear Cell Experts,

It’s quiz week!

You already have learnt so much about cells as structures and as a part of a structure.

At this point, you should have completed the packet for the Cells Unit.  You also have watched videos and played games that should have helped you strengthen your understanding of Cells and how they relate with the world around.

This week, we will continue reviewing about cells.  Then on the third lesson of the week, (Wednesday for Vergel and Hamaguchi Home Bases and Thursday for Beck and Benford Home Bases) you will take the Cells quiz.  

After taking the quiz, you will write what you learnt about cells in your Digital Learning Journal.  Then we will introduce you to our next Performance Task.  Stay tuned!

Have a great week!


Mrs. Vergel

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