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Cells, BrainPops and Bill Nye

August 14th, 2016 No comments

15 August 2016

Hello there, Cell Investigators!

This week you have Wellness on Wednesday (Vergel HB and Hamaguchi HB), and Thursday (Beck HB and Benford HB).

1. You will continue to learn about Cells Cells and Cell Structures by watching Brain-Pop videos answering questions about them and checking your answers.
2. Then you will write a digital learning journal (#2) about what you just learned about Cells and Cell Structures.
3. You will watch a Bill Nye video about Cells and complete a Socrative quiz to check for your understanding of the concept.
4. You will also share what you learned with the rest of the class.

If you did not finish answering the questions and checking your answers for both videos at the end of the second lesson, you will have to stay for Tutorials.


Mrs. Vergel

Cells and More Cells

September 2nd, 2015 No comments

Dear Cell Scientists,

Last week, we learned how to prepare wet mounts of onion (plant) cells, cheek (animal) cells and pond weed (Elodea) cells.

If you want to review how to prepare the above slides, click on these links:

Preparing Plant and Animal Cell Slides

How to Prepare and View Elodea Wet Mount Slides

This week, you went through a practical assessment on preparing wet mounts and focusing on the cells using the low power and high power objectives of the microscope. Ms. O’Regan and I noticed that some of you might need to get your eyes checked, because what was clear to you was blurry to us.  After you get your eyes checked, we can do this practical assessment again.

You also made diagrams of the different cells that you viewed under the microscope.  You will be given up to Thursday of next week to complete and make your diagrams look good.  You also have up to Thursday next week to complete all the work you had to complete in the Science lab (this means that the Science labs and equipment will only be available until Thursday next week for tutorials).  Please schedule a time to complete all assignments during tutorials during this given time frame.

We completed the Cells Information Gap activity and Reflection sheet, and made corrections to it.  After this, we have a Socrative Quiz on the Information Gap.  To access the quiz, you need to:

* go to
a) Choose Student Login
b) Teacher Room Code: 30d6f242
c) Take until you get perfect.
d) Ignore “Waiting for Teacher” part

When the Socrative Quiz is completed, we will start our Cell Model Diagram.  The details of this will be discussed in the class.

Here is another video that you might want to watch: Bill Nye Cells

Please remember to check your Google Calendar for assignments.

And here’s a great video that might just help you improve your study habits.

The 9 Best Scientific Study Tips

Happy short week!


Mrs. Vergel

Cells, Brain Frames, Skits

September 8th, 2013 No comments

9 September 2013

We have made our own slides to look at cells.  Most students are proficient now with focusing the microscope to see plant and animal cells in low and high power.

Now we make more meaning and compare the cell to familiar things.  This week, we will be in the classroom, making brain frames, preparing skits, and revising for a quiz on cells next week.  I hope the skits are good enough to post on the blog.

Happy learning!


Rainy Days

August 21st, 2013 No comments

22 August 2013

Rainy days are here again!

This week, Tuesday classes were cancelled because major routes into school were flooded.  We’re back in school and ready to pick up where we left off.

Mr. Benford’s Homebase completes the microscope introduction while Mrs. Vergel’s Mr. Hamaguchi’s and Ms. O’Regan’s Homebases start with their Brain Pop on Cells and Cell Structures. We end the week with completing the Brain Pop sheets and relating the learnings to our Essential Questions.

Remember:  Brain Pop may be accessed from home until 5:00 pm.

Username and Password: ismanila

Next week we have a Monday holiday.  We continue with microscope work, this time connecting our Brain Pop with what we observe through the microscope, identifying the different organelles of the cell.  Wear closed-toed shoes.

We’ve been busy!!!

Have a warm, safe and dry long weekend!


Presenting… Performance Tasks!

October 8th, 2012 No comments

9 October 2012

This week we are devoting 3 classes of this week to working on presentations for the performance task.

Inquiring Into Mung Bean Plant Structure Growth

Presentations start on the last class of this week.

Have fun!


… And Even More Cell Stuff

September 10th, 2012 No comments

10 September 2012

We are gearing up for more cell stuff! Last week, we did loads of writing about cells.  This week, we will be making Brain Frames and skits about cells.  Below are links to the different resources we have been using in class:

Cells Information Gap Answer key 2012-2013

Cell Info Gap Reflection Questions Answer key

Plant and Animal Cells, Cell Review Questions Answer Key 2012-2013

Cells Brainframe 2012-2013

We thank Mrs. Feliciano and Mr. Freeman for help on the brain frame.  It is a good record of what we have been learning so far about cells.  We will be doing Cell Analogy Skits this week, and then we will start preparing for our Quiz on Cells which will happen on Tuesday, 18 September, or Wednesday 19 September. Also, next week is Wellness Week in Science.

Cells and More… Cells

September 7th, 2012 No comments

September 10, 2012

Last week, the Home bases of Mrs. O’Regan and Mr. Benford completed their practical assessments on making microscope slides and viewing them under low and high power, and drawing and labeling 3 different kinds of cells.  This week, the Home bases of Mr. Hamaguchi and Mrs. Vergel completed their practical assessments.  Everyone will have done an Information Gap Activity by the time Friday rolls around, plus more activities.

Expect more activities revolving around the cell next week…

Meanwhile, here’s one of my favorite videos for your viewing pleasure…


Full Week, Full Speed Ahead!

August 29th, 2012 No comments

August 30, 2012

After a couple of short weeks, we are into a regular week!  Hooray!

All of this week, we are in the science lab.  This means that students need to wear close toed shoes and those with long hair need to tie their hair back.  This also means that students need to continue to make the connection between what they do in the lab and what they learn in class.

The connections will come in handy when they do their lab practicals, worth 25 points.  Students need to know how to prepare wet mount slides (refer to the video of the previous post), and focus the slides clearly under low and high power.

Students will also be asked to draw and label their best 3 coloured microscope slides, worth 20 points.  So if they connect what they see in the microscope to what they learnt about cells, they will surely do a great job.  They have also been asked to bring a specimen from home that might contain cells.

You might want to watch these videos showing the important information that you need to remember about cells.  They are found in Mr. Freeman’s blog, so follow this link:


A Short Wellness Week in Science

August 21st, 2012 No comments

22 August 2012

This is a very short week in Science.  To top it all, Wellness is scheduled for Science this week.  This means that our exciting microscope activities will continue on until next week.

Last week, we watched Brain Pop videos in class, and started the work sheets.  Students should have completed the worksheets at home for marking and submission first class this week.  The videos were about Cells and Cell Structures.  It is always good to review them so you don’t forget the names of the important structures and what they are for.

This week, we start off by marking the worksheets and making metaphors of the cell parts.  We then view a video on how to prepare microscope slides, YouTube Preview Image and start off by making onion cell slides and drawing them.  Of course, when you draw, you have to label the important organelles you see.  The next lesson will have you preparing your own cheek cell slides, viewing them through the microscope and drawing them.  As usual, you will have to label the organelles.

When we have prepared both plant and animal slides, we will have a practical assessment on preparing the slides, focusing and making diagrams of the cells.  That will be next week.  This means you have to really be focused on what you are doing and learning in class.

This promises to be an action-packed week, so be ready!

Be well.


As Requested

September 7th, 2011 5 comments

As requested by some of you, below  is the Power Point for the Cell Review we did today.

Cells Gameshow Final


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