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Milk, Slime and Diapers!!!

December 4th, 2016 No comments

What do these have in common?

Last week, we continued the Cause and Effect Unit by doing investigations on the effect of energy on the movement of particles. We also discovered the difference between how salt and sugar dissolve in water. Then, some of you were able to see how detergent, milk and food colour react with each other. Please make sure you wear close toed shoes and bring extra hair ties if you have hair that can cover your face.

So far, we have almost completed twelve or thirteen pages of our packet. By the end of this week, we will have completed sixteen pages. This week, we will summarise what we have learned about how particles react with each other, and what happens when substances with different polarities interact with each other. We will do investigations with milk, slime and diapers.

Enjoy this milky, slimy diaper week!


Mrs. Vergel

More Cause and Effect

November 13th, 2016 No comments

Dear Scientists,

Last week, we started the Cause and Effect Unit by Describing Solids, Liquds and Gases and observing their properties. We also investigated the effect of heat on the shape, size and mass of ice, and extended the investigation to observe and describe the shape and size of solids, liquids and gases in a flexible container.

This week, we need to wear close toed shoes all week because we will continue to do investigations on the properties of solids, liquids and gases. We begin by looking at the differences between salt and sugar. We will continue to discover more about solids, liquids and gases in stations until the end of the week. Since we will be using flames this week, please remember to bring hair ties, especially if your hair is long enough to cover your face.

So far, we have been doing a lot of discovery experiments. Please remember to keep up with our learning by making sure that the questions for each activity or experiment or investigation are answered thoughtfully, using academic language. Also, remember that the Mung Bean Lab Report corrections need to be completed by Friday, November 18. Finally, this week, we will meet 3 days because Wellness is scheduled for Lesson 3 in Science.

As a treat, we have a visiting Astronaut, Soichi Noguchi, on Monday, November 14 from 3 pm. to 4 pm.  He will give a talk in the AMR.  You don’t want to miss this!

Enjoy this exciting week!


Mrs. Vergel

A New Unit

November 8th, 2016 No comments

Hello Scientists!

Last week we wrapped up the Structures Unit and looked at different ways Science works to solve everyday problems. We watched a video about our visiting astronaut, Mr. Soichi Nogura and came up with questions to ask him when he comes. We also started a blog post summarizing what we did in the Mung Bean Performance Task. Finally, we all received our marks for the Mung Bean Performance Task.

This week, we are starting a new unit – Cause and Effect. In this unit, we will be learning about what makes things the way they are. You will receive a green packet with all the activities for this unit. Take care of it! This is the only packet you will receive. We only print as many as we need. This is a very hands-on unit. You will be doing labs almost every week, which means you have to be in closed shoes, and people with long hair should tie hair back so it does not get in the way of observations, and so we are safe.

If you were here at the start of the school year, you should have written 4 blog posts:
1. What I Know about Structures
2. What I Learned about Cells and Cell Structures
3. What I Learned about Structures
4. Mung Bean Project Reflections
Please make sure you have completed these. Blog posts are part of the Communication of Learning strand of Achievement, and will be marked at the end of the Semester.

Another reminder. If you want to improve your Mung Bean Lab Report marks, please make sure you make corrections as directed on the Google Document, and give back the pink sheet where the rubric is to Mrs. Vergel before November 18.

And so we begin by Describing Solids, Liquids and Gases. Remember our new words because we expect you to use them.

Here’s to another exciting unit!


Mrs. Vergel

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New Semester, New Theme

January 14th, 2015 No comments

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the Second Semester of 2014-2015.  We are excited to come back to another 5 months of investigating and learning.

This Third Quarter, the 6th Grade Theme is Cause and Effect.  In Science, we will be studying topics on Energy, Magnetism and Electricity.  The Wellness Classes are also now part of the 6th grade schedule, and one Science lesson will be impacted every other week, alternating with Math lessons.

The past few weeks, we have been learning about the basics of Energy, and answering the questions below:

  • What is Energy?
  • Why is Energy important?
  • What are the different Forms of Energy?
  • What are the different Sources of Energy?
  • What would happen to the world and our lives if there was no Energy?

After investigations, videos and discussions, there will be a quiz on Energy next week, first lesson.  To help students revise for the quiz, we have the shared documents on Google Drive and below.

Bill Nye Energy 2015

Bill Nye Energy 2015 Answer Key

Energy Quiz Review 2015

Energy Quiz Review 2015 Answer Key

Energy Gameshow Small Size For Printing

Energy Gameshow Large Size

Students may also go to the Brain Pop videos entitled

Forms of Energy


Energy Sources

Doing the quizzes at the end of the video until a perfect score is attained will be beneficial to the learner.

Remember, the website is

username and password: ismanila

This site is only available during school hours.

Happy revising!


Mrs. Vergel

Magnetic Personalities

January 25th, 2012 No comments

25 January 2012

This week, we started off with going over the Energy Quiz, writing what we know about Magnets and Magnetism and then doing a preliminary investigation on Magnets and Magnetism.  We also started to get information about the topic by watching Bill Nye in the guise of Compass Man in the following videos as well as a Brain Pop.  The links are below.

Next week, expect to design your own experiment, write it up and report about it.  About Magnets and Magnetism, of course!  You will first be guided on how to do a formal investigation, then you will be expected to do your own.  It’s exciting to do real science!

bill nye the Science Guy – 21 Magnetism 1 of 3

Bill Nye the Science Guy – 21 Magnetism 2 of 3

Bill Nye the Science Guy – 21 Magnetism 3 of 3

Magnetism (Brain Pop)

Reminder:  Brain Pop is only available up to 5:00 p.m.   Username:  ismanila; Password:  ismanila

Enjoy magnetizing!



By Popular Demand

January 19th, 2012 No comments

Here is a Power Point Quiz authored by Robbie and Yu Yang.


Energy Quiz Review

3 places in 4 lessons

January 17th, 2011 No comments

17 January 2011

Welcome to a new week where we will be in 3 places for 4 lessons.

Last week, I posted two questions.   They were our OLD essential questions.  Below you will find the UPDATED Essential Questions for the Cause and Effect Unit:

How are causes determined or inferred from events?

How are effects predicted from events?

How can an event be both a cause and an effect?

We will work towards answering these questions throughout the quarter.  Meanwhile, this week, we are first in the Fine Arts Theater to answer the questions that you generated from watching the video last week.  The questions are in Bill Nye Energy Questions.   You will be asked to make corrections to your questions.  That will be done in the classroom.  You will also do some cutting and pasting and mixing and matching of pictures and forms of energy in the classroom.  Get your glue, scissors and notebooks ready.  Finally, on the last two lessons, you will go to the 6th grade Science lab and do several investigations about Magnetism.  Make sure you wear closed shoes and have your hair tie ready.

Oh yes.  And to help you check your notes from the Energy Brain Pop, Ms. Camson came up with Forms of energy notes.

What a busy week!


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