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A New Unit

Hello Scientists!

Last week we wrapped up the Structures Unit and looked at different ways Science works to solve everyday problems. We watched a video about our visiting astronaut, Mr. Soichi Nogura and came up with questions to ask him when he comes. We also started a blog post summarizing what we did in the Mung Bean Performance Task. Finally, we all received our marks for the Mung Bean Performance Task.

This week, we are starting a new unit – Cause and Effect. In this unit, we will be learning about what makes things the way they are. You will receive a green packet with all the activities for this unit. Take care of it! This is the only packet you will receive. We only print as many as we need. This is a very hands-on unit. You will be doing labs almost every week, which means you have to be in closed shoes, and people with long hair should tie hair back so it does not get in the way of observations, and so we are safe.

If you were here at the start of the school year, you should have written 4 blog posts:
1. What I Know about Structures
2. What I Learned about Cells and Cell Structures
3. What I Learned about Structures
4. Mung Bean Project Reflections
Please make sure you have completed these. Blog posts are part of the Communication of Learning strand of Achievement, and will be marked at the end of the Semester.

Another reminder. If you want to improve your Mung Bean Lab Report marks, please make sure you make corrections as directed on the Google Document, and give back the pink sheet where the rubric is to Mrs. Vergel before November 18.

And so we begin by Describing Solids, Liquids and Gases. Remember our new words because we expect you to use them.

Here’s to another exciting unit!


Mrs. Vergel

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