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Full on Science Week

Dear Cell Experts,

Last week we did the following activities:

1. You finished the Information Gap, answered the reflection questions and then checked them against the answer key and make corrections.
2. Then you did a Socrative Quiz on the Information Gap, after which most of you started working on your Cell Infographic Analogy. This had to be thought out really well because it shows me how well you know the parts of the cell.

This week is a full Science week. You will be doing the following activities:

1. You will continue and complete your Cell Infographic Analogy. This is a Minor Assessment and you are marked on your Transfer of Learning and yourCommunication of Learning.
2. Then you will share your Infographic with the class, after which
3. You will make a Compare and Contrast BrainFrame for the similarities and differences between plant and animal cells.
4. In between, you will watch videos and play games to strengthen your understanding of the structure and function of the cell and its parts.

Enjoy the week and the new courtyard equipment!


Mrs. Vergel

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