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Preparing Slides and Practicals

Hello there, Slidemakers!

This week, you will need to be in closed-toed shoes all week, and since you have Wellness in Math, this means all 4 out of 5 days in the week.  Here’s what we’re up to:
1. You will learn how to prepare onion cell and cheek cell wet mounts, and view them under the microscope. You will also prepare a pond weed slide and view its organelles.
2. You will have a Practical Assessment on preparing Wet Mounts and viewing the specimen under Low Power and High Power. This will happen 3rd lesson of the week: Wednesday for Vergel and Hamaguchi Homebases and Thursday for Beck and Benford Homebases.
3. After the Practical Assessment, you and a partner will work on a Cells Information Gap.
4. You need to start thinking about what you can compare the Cell to in your life or the things around you.

The purpose of all these activities is to understand the structures and functions of the parts that make up a cell, and to realize that these structures help the cell survive.

If you did not finish an activity during class, you have to stay for Tutorials.

Happy imagining!


Mrs. Vergel

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